Testimonials (Edu Backlinks)

These guys have REALLY done their homework and found some gems here. Awesome stuff. I would pick one of these up ASAP before they're gone.

These kind of links are golden. It's even better if it's contextual! I'm in.

I was lucky enough to be given a review copy and wow John, what luck because man, this offer is absolutely crazy...crazy good!

It's eluded me for years on how to get an edu blog, or in-content links within a page on an edu site. Commenting is one thing, having the "trust" of an actual blog on a university website is pure titanium!

Let me give you an example. Back in 2007, I created a site targeting the UK finance market. I saw one other guy's finance site (I could tell he was an affiliate like me) and he was ranked for crazy competitive keywords and with listings on pg 1 of Google.co.uk for a lot of those keywords. My guess is he was making probably $2k/day...seriously. (I had prior experience in that market so knew how lucrative it was)

Anyway, I just couldn't figure out how an affiliate was ranking for such competitive keywords until I did a bit of reverse engineering and saw he had quite a few EDU backlinks...the light bulb went on but soon dimmed when I had no idea how to get similar links. It was frustrating, let me tell you!

John and Gustav show you where to go, how to sign up, offer excellent tips (by way of bonuses) to create your Google loving content.

Awesome guys, thank you very much! Your price is obviously too low but I appreciate you giving people a chance to grab this amazing info at a true no-brainer price.

Doesn't matter if you're new to SEO or a veteran...grab this info now!!

I'm off to bump my sites rankings


Just purchased the package. Even though 2 of them are under my existing collection, but I have 8 additional blogs to leverage on. Satisfied with it.

Real .edu blogs are hard to come by. It's much more powerful than .edu blog comment.

Highly recommended!
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