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"This is insane! Can I really
have my own blog on a
US University EDU domain, ???"

Yes you can! And with this WSO, you can have it for the price of a cup of coffee! But more importantly,

Send Your Sites Sky-Rocketing to the Top of Google,


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If you want to make money online, you must know this: Search Engine traffic spews out cash like nothing else!

What do I mean? Search Engine Traffic is the most targeted, focused, buying traffic you can find! Why? Because people searching on Google, Yahoo or Bing have actually gone out looking for something. They want it!

You just need to put whatever they want in front of them and they’ll buy it (making YOU money!) So how do you do that?

Put your site on Page 1 of Google!


So if you haven’t made Search Engine Optimisation a part of your business strategy, now’s the time to start!'s the time to start precisely because of what you are about to read. And if you already know about SEO you already know that edu and gov backlinks (in context, in relevant articles)... backlinks are the quickest short-cut to
Page 1 rankings in existence! part of a proper SEO strategy of course, which I'll explain.

High Page Rank, high authority edu domains from real, high authority US Universities! Let’s be clear, we’re not talking about fake universities or foreign domains from third world countries…

We’re talking about genuine US universities’ own domains with home page Page Rank as high as 9!

That’s right, these are blogs on genuine edu domains which you can run yourself, post your own backlinks at will (contextual backlinks - with anchor text), in your own relevant content articles and…

sky-rocket the search engine ranking of your site!!!

Let me ask you this question:

Which tool would you prefer use to dig a swimming pool? A shovel or a JCB earth-mover? Well it’s obvious isn't it?

The more powerful and effective the tool, the easier and easier the job.

So rather than try to promote your site with thousands of low grade backlinks, put the JCB monster to work! The fact is…

One single high authority EDU backlink has


more ranking power than literally hundreds,


or even thousands of low-grade backlinks.

In fact – I’ll go further than that. Let's talk about packages of 10,000 backlinks for $20 or $50 – have you seen that kind of offer? They’re not worth two pennies, let alone $20 or $50!!

Those backlinks you can buy in their thousands are mostly forum and other profile backlinks, and they won’t count “diddly squat” towards boosting your site in Google’s eyes. Why?

Well, because Google knows better!


Google’ve got more PhDs working for them than NASA! Don’t you think they know how easy it is to get a simple software script to automatically post 10,000 forum profile links?

And if Google know how easy it is, you can be sure they’ll completely discount the link juice from those low grade links (and Google won’t even index more than a handful of them anyway – we've tried it and found out the hard way!).

The fact is, you’re wasting your time with low quality backlinks. Period.

So here’s the deal…

Who else would like 10 EDU blogs on high authority US University domains? Yes that’s right, TEN EDU blogs you can run YOURSELF and place your backlinks and articles at will!

How can this be? It’s simple!

There are thousands of high authority University domains in the USA. Some of these universities run multi-user sites which allow you, a member of the public, to sign up free and run your very own, personal blog on their site.

It’s a bit like – you can go in, sign up and run your own blog…

But edu domains are maybe 100 or even 1,000 times more powerful for propelling you site to the top of Google than blogger is!

OK then, so why don’t all the SEO guys do this? Truth is, they do! At least, the ones who know! But until now…

…this has been the closely guarded territory of the really sophisticated SEO experts – until now!

Ever found ranking your sites hard and frustrating and wondered how the real experts can promote their sites to page 1 seemingly effortlessly?

Now I’m not saying that these 10 edu blogs are all you need – post a backlink on each and bingo you’ll rank number 1 for “how to lose weight”. That’s not what I’m saying at all.

But I can tell you that edu backlinks will boost your sites’ ranking massively and save you loads of time, effort and frustration in going after dozens of lower quality links which you’d need to replace the power of just one edu backlink.

So why doesn't everybody do this edu thing?

The simple truth is that:

a. Very few people know about the existence of these edu blogs, and
b. Finding the universities that allow the public to sign up for the blogs is not easy.

It’s not easy because there are thousands of universities and colleges, but only a very, very few that allow public access to these blogs. Finding them is a painstaking task requiring sophisticated search techniques and loads of time.

I mean, a lot of time. Way more time value than the £10 you’re going to pay here for us to have done the work for you!

But is this really effective? Take a look at this:

Enough said. So here’s what you get for the princely sum of just £10 (increasing to £20, see below) [NOTE - as of Saturday am, all the early copies have gone - price now topped out at 8]

We will give you a package of 4 (URLs) where you can sign up free for your own unique blogs at a high Page Rank (starting at PR9) US university.

That’s right just £10 (increasing to £20 as copies are sold).

We have a total of 10 edu blog properties available and we will only sell small numbers of each.

And if you would like all the edu blogs,
well, you can have them!

Buy the full package of 4 PR 10 - 7 page rank blogs for a small price of £10.

[ Update Saturday pm - plenty of single edu's still available but the full packages of 4 are selling fast- so pick up your first one here and we'll get a bigger package out to you asap]

Important update:
Guys I have good news. We nearly have a completely NEW full package of 10 edu's to pass on for those who want to upgrade. These will ONLY go to existing customers. So get in for your first blog package now, and you will get the email offering the new 10-pack in a day or two!

So check us out for just £10 – see we mean what we say, and if you want the most powerful edu backlinking package available, you can have it!



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